When his former unit goes missing in Vietnam's treacherous jungles during a covert operation, a battle-scarred and disgraced ex-captain is compelled to lead a high-stakes rescue, pitting him against the formidable Vietnamese Army and a sinister mythological entity, in a desperate bid to save his men and reconcile his troubled past.


Mike Gibson, a former Captain of the Parachute Regiment and bearing the scars of a past court-martial, is thrust back into the fray when his former colonel informs him that members of his old unit have vanished during a covert mission in the dense Vietnamese jungle. Compelled by deep loyalty and a quest for redemption, Gibson accepts the challenge to mount a rescue, only to find himself under the command of rival Captain Richard Hartford, whose scepticism about Gibson's chequered history sets the stage for a tension-filled mission.


Tunnel Rats shares its genre and style with several successful movies that blend elements of war, suspense, and a touch of the supernatural or mythological. Notable examples:


As well as the exciting backdrop of the tunnels the screenplay is also set in woodlands that double for Vietnam which is a crucial backdrop for the rescue mission.


With well-crafted characters, Tunnel Rats uniquely blends the intensity of war drama with the intrigue of myth, set against the backdrop of brotherhood and redemption.

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