When a retired criminal learns of his brother's mysterious death, he returns to London, embarking on a perilous journey avoiding a dangerous treasure hunter and relentless law enforcement, to unearth the truth and safeguard a secret buried in his past.


The Seventh Man intertwines the story of Jim Goodwin, an ex-criminal haunted by his past, with the legendary Brink's-Mat gold robbery that took place in November 1983.


The 7th Man shares its genre and style with several successful movies that blend compelling leading characters with the world of high stakes crime. Notable examples:


The settings of 'The 7th Man' are meticulously chosen to ensure affordability, despite the narrative's expansive journey from Spain to the UK. From the atmospheric ambience of bars and nightclubs to the intimate confines of houses and flats, each location is not only budget-friendly but rich in storytelling potential.

The 7th Man

Produced and Directed by
Michael Wisniewski

Director of Photography
Frederick Stacey

Original Screenplay by
Kevin Powis


Larry Lamb

Aneirin Hughes
Clive Fox

John Jenner
Detective Steve Adams

Michael Austin
Jim Goodwin (aka. Mr. George)

John E. Saxon
Charlie Snow

Lynette Thorpe

Michael Fields
The Lodger

Nikky Rae
Stacy Goodwin

James Harris

Rob Murphy

David Bounds

Chris Millington-Woods
Sam Khan

Neil Page
Johnny Day

Peter Davies
The Mechanic

Leigh Alliss
Simon Hardcastle

Fred Stacey
Danny Goodwin

Ian M. Court
Crime Scene Investigator

Darren Moore

Michael Brunnock
Tony Ross

Stacey Thornhill

Luke Frater
Armed Response Officer

Lou Lomax
Working Girl

Sion Bailey
Drunken Beggar


The 7th Man Production.

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